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brandon wee
If  you'd  ever  spent more than 5 mins looking  for  your favorite undies...
If you had it, you would flaunt it too! 
An X-encounter with a gay & lesbian under the skies of Paris
A  gift  for a lifetime
Guess  what  I  did to my  favourite CDs?  I  hanged  them!!!
Tips  on  meeting  all  deadlines  &  still  staying  in  good health.
secret recipe sandwich
"It's a bird! It's a bike! it's...S", exclaimed the headlines of a local community newspaper
Aliens  discovered  in  the  jungle of  Borneo
No worries be happy
Feng Sui at your doorsteps
Strange things do happen during camping trips!
Man's place in the Universe
Sleepless in Melbourne (starring brandon wee)
Sleepless in Melbourne Pt 2
(starring brandon wee)